CE Seminar by Prof. Dr. Ümit Şenesen-Data Science: Methods of exploratory data analysis (EDA) with examples

February 18, 2020






Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ümit Şenesen

Title:  Data Science: Methods of exploratory data analysis (EDA) with examples

Date: 27 February 2020, Thursday

Time: 13:00 – 14:15

Place: ENG Z27

Host: Banu Yobaş


In any data science tasks, exploratory data analysis (EDA) is an indispensable step to take before diving into machine learning or statistical modeling. This is true even if the questions are handed to you on a platter, because you always need to make sure the data are really what they are claimed to be and that there are no obvious problems. To put EDA in context, the Data Science steps are: Obtain data, Clean and load data; Exploratory Data Analysis; Model building; Model evaluation; Data visualization and presentation. EDA methods are used for describing the data by means of statistical and visualization techniques to bring important aspects of that data into focus for further analysis.

This seminar starts with a brief introduction to exploratory data analysis methods. Then it examines a set of real world data by using these methods taken from official TURKSTAT data. A short explanation of a few very simple methods, such as coded-table, stem-and-leaf, five-point-summary and box-plot, is given and they are implemented on the data.


Ümit Şenesen was born in 1944. He studied at İstanbul Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences, İstanbul University (one year postgradute Business Economics program), London School of Economics (MSc Acc & Fin), Queen Mary College (MSc Econ), İstanbul University (PhD). He had been working at İstanbul Technical University since 1971, when he retired in 2011. He has taught statistics and econometrics also at Boğaziçi University, Mimar Sinan University, Eastern Mediteranean University (Cyprus) and has been recently teaching at İstanbul Bilgi University, Kadir Has University, Altınbaş University, Işık University.

Books written (in Turkish):  Evaluation of Risky Investment Projects (1982), Exploratory Statistics (1998), Statistics: Understanding Behind Numbers (2004, 5th edition in 2017).

Books translated into Turkish: Transport Economics (C. H. Sharp, 1978), Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities (P. Sraffa, 1984, 2009),  Theory of Econometrics (A. Koutsoyiannis, 1989, 1992, with G. G.

Şenesen), Basic Econometrics (D. N. Gujarati, 2000, 2012, with G. G. Şenesen), Statistics for Business & Economics (P. Newbold, 2000, 2017), Mathematical Statistics (J. E. Freund, 2004), Econometric Analysis (W. Greene, 2016), Marx’s Das Kapital for Beginners (M. Wayne, 2014), 20th Century of China (W. Hui, 2016), Capitalism (Anwar Shaikh, 2018), Making of Global Capitalism (L. Panitch & S. Gindin, 2019).

He worked in several projects and published articles in several journals and chapters in books. The most recent one: “Promoting investment in the Turkish construction sector: a structural path analysis” Economıc Systems Research, 30/3, 422-438, 2018 (with G. G. Şenesen & T. Kaya)

İstatistik : sayıların arkasını anlamak

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