Computer Science and Engineering at Koç University strive for excellence in research and teaching. The digital revolution has been changing world  and the impact of computing on society is being felt significantly.. We aim to advance knowledge in Computer Science, and  apply  it in interdisciplinary areas that extends the scope of Computer Science to be ready to attack the complex challenges of the  changing world. Our mission includes raising the next generation computer scientist and engineers :

  • Able to perform independent research to help define the frontiers of knowledge in computer science and engineering or related interdisciplinary areas and pursue graduate study at top-ranked universities worldwide to become future national or international academic leaders,
  • Recognized for excellence in technical and professional problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, and excel in careers in national and international companies in engineering, research and development, business and managerial positions,
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs with a global vision, who can develop new technologies and/or products, and found new national or international companies in computer science and engineering or related areas.