Assist. Prof. Barış Akgün

Office: MF 273
Phone: +90 212 338 0924

Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Perception for Manipulation

Hakan Ayral, Instructor

Office: SNA Z24
Phone: +90 212 338 0659

Evolutionary computation, Genetic programming, Computational mathematics, Embedded systems

Assoc. Prof. Aykut Erdem

Office: ENG Z12

Phone: +90 212 338 0916

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Engin Erzin

Assoc. Dean of CE for Academic Affairs

Office: ENG 145
Phone: +90 212 338 1533

Speech signal processing, multimedia signal processing, pattern recognition, human-machine interaction, affective computing.

Neslihan Gökmen İnan, Instructor

Office: ENG Z10
Phone: +90 212 338 1544

Introduction to programming courses.

Prof. Çiğdem Gündüz Demir

Office: ENG 108A
Phone: +90 212 338 1853

Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Assist. Prof. Fatma Güney

Office: ENG 203A
Phone: +90 212 338 0812

Computer Vision and Machine Learning; representation learning for video sequences modeling object-object relations, object detection, motion estimation, action recognition, depth estimation, and multi-view 3D reconstruction.

Prof. Attila Gürsoy

Dean of College of Engineering

Office: MF 239
Phone: +90 212 338 1720

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Computational Structural Biology, Biological Networks, Computational Molecular Medicine, Systems Pharmacology, High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing.

Assist. Prof. M. Emre Gürsoy

Office: SNA Z27
Phone: +90 212 338 0918

Privacy, Security, Data Analytics and Mining, Internet of Things, Security and Privacy in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Adversarial Machine Learning.

Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Küpçü

Office: ENG 138
Phone: +90 212 338 1363

Cryptography, Security, Privacy, Cloud Computing, Secure Peer-to-Peer

(P2P) Networks, Cryptology with Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Privacy-Preserving Services, Blockchains

Emre Kütükoğlu, Instructor

Office: ENG 129E
Phone: +90 212 338 1587

Introduction to programming courses.

Gün Makinabakan, Instructor

Office: ENG 129E
Phone: +90 212 338 1173

Mobile Programming

Prof. Öznur Özkasap

Office: ENG 144
Phone: +90 212 338 1584

Distributed Computing Systems, Peer-to-peer Algorithms, Energy Efficiency, Reliable Network Protocols, Cloud and Edge Computing, Computer Networks, Mobile and Vehicular Networks, Security in Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence in Distributed Systems

Sajit Rao, Instructor

Office: ENG Z37
Phone: +90 212 338 1725

Introduction to programming courses, artificial intelligence

Prof. Metin Sezgin

Office: MF 274
Phone: +90 212 338 1540

Deep Learning & Explainable AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Multimodal Human-Computer Interfaces, Affective Computing and Affective Interfaces, Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems, Medicine and Health Systems

Assist. Prof. Gözde Gül Şahin

Office: SNA Z31
Phone: +90 212 338 1826

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Morphology, Low Resource/Multilingual NLP, Interpretability and Robustness of NLP Systems.

Assoc. Prof. Didem Unat

Office: ENG 129C
Phone: +90 212 338 1583

Parallel and Multicore Computing, Exascale Computing, Parallel Language, Library and Tool Design, Compiler Optimization and Code Generation, Performance Modeling and Prediction, Parallel Application and Software Development.

Eşref Ünsal, Instructor

Office: ENG 129E
Phone: +90 212 338 1847

Corporate dynamics, organizational structure and behavior in large organizations, corporate culture, decision-making process, Changing Energy Landscape, Covid-19 Learnings for the Individual and the Corporation, Scenario Building in Forecasting, Self-Diagnosis and Matching Preferences with A Career, Road Map in Start-up’s

Prof. Yücel Yemez

Office: ENG 139
Phone: +90 212 338 1585

Deep Learning for Computer Vision, 3D Vision and Graphics,  Human-Robot Interaction, Affective Computing

Prof. Deniz Yüret

Office: ENG 226
Phone: +90 212 338 1724

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.